Beetles feign a poison

they lack. She left me
over the drinking. ‘Mocktail’ sounds
like a kind of ancient scorpion unearthed.
I arrive at weddings uninvited,
I walk at wayward angles,
I will appear alarming to you
and talk too loudly about politics
so you go away
and I will have an excuse
for everything I do not have.


so many frivolous things in this world

a super moon every month now
everything in the news sounding
like Digimon signature attacks
Bivalent Booster, Burst Wolf Claw
Dark Digivolution
learning a new beam attack
call it Blade Beam
the playground had a cutting wind to it
the rain lasted an entire recess
I slumped home
unmarked buoy of the soul
a car dealership in Missouri


There are no castles in America just
barbeques and biblically-accurate angels.
Dead animals raining down
from hamster heaven.
I cannot be created or destroyed.
My grief is a biblically-accurate Disneyland, its spires wet cardboard,
its beer shaken as grenades.
I’m going to prove something incredibly important
killing the next person in line,
I will gun down so many minivan families
that my talking points escape me
like tiny pets thudding beneath
their dumb cemeteries.