i want to write something, how you say, beautiful?

benny bought a booklet of stamps
they were the “go for broke” series
that honored and depicted
japanese american soldiers of wwii
the reverse of the booklet confirmed
that it was from a middle-left
plate position
it matters to collectors

cindy is in the park and sees a man
bent over and sniffing his dog’s ass
she can’t look away, then does
she doesn’t want to be late
she has to do year-end taxes for
bruce the spider and his whole gang
(a stag party that collects in sewers
and observes obscene materials – mostly
skin flicks on an iPhone 3, piss poor quality
in the subterranean but first rate
compared to being dead)
last time cindy was late bruce squirted on her
she jets it from the bench, and
is run over by an ambulance
this isn’t beautiful

brawn is done lifting weights and
swallows a chicken with powder
he plays “the carnival is over” by
dead can dance, gulps a chocolate
malt and plays with himself while
humming a family tune:
“we heist the plant for 50 cases of skee”
these rites being perfected,
he looks out from the bay window
and sees a woman flattened in the street

there is a knock, the mail, arriving
it’s a birthday card from benny,
and smells like cool water cologne
the stamp says “go for broke” and looks
like asian chris, before
his accident
the card is inscribed, “love, anathema”

cindy is resuscitated at hospital
she saw the white light and everything
they bring her crushed ice
she goes on to mother three boys
it’s beautiful

in the whistling brook

run around
get the run around
give someone the run around
run a sandy on someone
have a sandy run on one
give a handy in the sun
get a handy just for _____
give a run-through
in running shoes
and in the end it’s
all just run-of-the-mill
sad-sacking, like Kaiser
who rose out of his choir
and asked,
“why must i wear this
dress that fits so snuggly over the shoulders?”
upon asking he was shot
and made a poster boy
for mass graves
the same treatment for
anyone who rolls snakes eyes
Phillip salutes the stars and stripes
he is stateside and
is turned turtle by some
paleface mishugah who’s
into kitsch suicide scenes
Phillip is thus jostled
and out falls a copy of
Jones Jones, wherein there
is a beautiful scene titled
“in the whistling brook.”
Phillip checks his phone
in response to telling his girlfriend
that he would be “home late,
Hungry Kenneth is in town.”
she merely replies,